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Foreign Exchange Program

Ridgeline High School Foreign Student Exchange 

Welcome to Ridgeline High School's Foreign Exchange Program, where we open our doors to provide an enriching American secondary educational experience to students from around the globe. At Ridgeline, we believe in the transformative power of cultural exchange and the profound impact it has on shaping young minds. Our Foreign Exchange Program not only offers international students an authentic insight into the American educational system but also adds immense value to our local student body and classrooms. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, we aim to create a dynamic learning community that benefits everyone involved. Our admission process is outlined below and is intended to ensure a smooth transition into the Ridgeline High School family. 

Application Kickoff (January 1):


  • Our process starts on January 1, when our college and career readiness (CCR) counselor begins accepting foreign exchange admission applications.

Rolling Evaluations (From January 15 Onward):


  • Beginning January 15, our CCR counselor will engage in a "rolling" evaluation of applications, guided by the parameters outlined in CVSD Policy 3142AP.
  • Policy Highlights:
    • The total number of admitted foreign exchange students will not exceed one-half of one percent (.5%) of our general student population.
    • We will ensure our foreign exchange student diversity by varying countries and limiting admissions to two students per sponsoring organization.
    • Our admitted exchange students will be at least 16 years of age by the conclusion of their international exchange year and will not exceed 19 years of age on the date of enrollment.

Provisional Admission Decisions (After January 15):


  • Our CCR counselor will provide provisional admission decisions on a "rolling" basis after the January 15, application evaluation window opens. The CCR counselor will provide all provisional admission decisions on or before June 1.

Application Deadline (May 1):

May 1, is the submission deadline for foreign exchange student applications.

Final Step – Completing Registration:

The provisional admission status refers to the necessity of a foreign exchange student’s host family to complete a school registration–a step we highly recommend completing no later than June 25. Once the host family completes the registration process (which opens March 1), the exchange student will have completed the process for full admission to Ridgeline High School.


In the event that a waitlist becomes necessary, the CCR will structure the list and any subsequent evaluation processes by an applicant’s application receipt date, followed by the criteria outlined in order below: 

  • 2nd applicants (and beyond) from any one country.
  • 3rd applicants (and beyond) from any one exchange program.
  • Students with sophomore standing.

Characteristics of Successful Applicants:

  • Committed to a full academic year, participating in both fall and spring semesters at Ridgeline High School
  • Proficiency in English with at least four years of English language study
  • Strong academic achievement and positive behavior in their home schools
  • Minimum scores of 670 on the ELTiS 2.0 assessment OR minimum scores of 50 on the SLEP assessment
  • Residency within the Ridgeline High School attendance boundary

Varsity Level Sports Eligibility:


  • Students admitted for one-year exchanges and residing within our attendance boundary are eligible for varsity level sports, provided they meet all other Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) guidelines.

Any questions about what’s been articulated above can be directed to Mr. Spraggins: 

Brian J. Spraggins

College and Career Counselor

Ridgeline High School

20150 E. Country Vista Drive

Liberty Lake, WA 99019 

(509) 558-3813

[email protected]