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Winter - Wrestling

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Brice Gretch

Ridgeline Wrestling (boys and girls) 2021-22

Wrestling is known as the “oldest sport”, with competition taking place, alongside running, in the original Olympic Games.  High School Wrestling is a no-cut sport with the possibility of individual success for anyone willing to come out, work hard, and find purpose in the mentally and physically challenging aspects of daily training.  Wrestling is a time-tested, base skill set to help lay a foundation for other areas of athleticism including: self-defense, mixed martial arts, football, lacrosse, rock climbing and various other sports.


Wrestling is a sport where young men and women can accent their individual physical strengths, and work with a coaching staff who will help them overcome challenges while they develop their own style and strategy.  Wrestling combines Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Body Awareness and Technique in a one on one battle for positional advantage.  Individual sports help athletes demonstrate and improve their own work-ethic, personal pride, accountability and self-efficacy.  While the competition takes place individually, the Wrestling team aspect builds comradery through the shared experience of growth.  As individuals work hard and improve, so does the rest of our team. Student-athletes on the wrestling team are expected to encourages each other during competition, provide support to one another during physically and mentally demanding activities, improve their verbal and non-verbal leadership skills, and build a sense of community and belonging at Ridgeline High School.


As a physical combat sport, wrestling is inherently dangerous.  Athletes will be trained with strict adherence to technique and safety standards to minimize these rare, accidental occurrences.  Proper warm ups, cool downs and adequate strength/flexibility training will be a daily part of the injury prevention process.  Athletes will also be actively discouraged from “cutting weight” or participating in other unhealthy activities that have been a black eye on the sport for so long.  Maintaining and improving overall physical and mental health is priority number one.


Head Coach: Brice Gretch

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 509-558-3827