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Summer Sports Youth Camps

Interested in Summer Sports Youth Camps?
Click on the link below to register for one or more of the many youth camps Ridgeline is offering this summer.  If you have any questions regarding a specific camp please email the head coach for more information.
Baseball - Coach Jeramie Maupin  [email protected]
Boys Basketball - Coach Freddie Rehkow  [email protected]
Girls Basketball - Coach Clyde Woods  [email protected]
Football - Coach Dave Myers  [email protected]
Boys Soccer - Coach Ernie Merino  
Girls Soccer - Coach Tiera Como  [email protected]
Slow Pitch Softball - Coach Lori Maupin  [email protected]
Volleyball - Coach Whitney Abell  [email protected]
      Additional Camps Available
Mini Cheer - Abbie Lentz  [email protected]
  Limited registrations.  Date of camp is 5/22/23
Percussion - Nate Hunt  [email protected]