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Overview, Mission

We’re proud to be the home of the falcons, a bird native to our region. A majestic animal, symbolic for victory, overcoming hardships, inspiring vision and leadership. The falcon is very analytical and strategic and can teach us the power of focusing our energy and thoughts on our goals that matter most. As you look around this beautiful site, we hope you begin to get a sense of how our name came to be… with scenic views of the ridgeline in nearly every direction. A ridgeline is strong, endures the test of time, and provides a source of inspiration and clarity when you stop and appreciate its presence.
Ridgeline will include over 80 classrooms and learning spaces, two highly flexible Career and Technical Education classrooms and labs (identified as Makerspaces), a professional culinary kitchen, project rooms, support classrooms for students with special needs, art and performing arts classrooms, four full-size gyms with 94' courts, a football/soccer stadium with synthetic turf, engineering and computer programming options, varsity athletics, varied clubs and school-based activities. Every classroom includes direct daylight, new classroom furniture, and upgraded safety/security features.
Belong. Inspire. Grow.
Falcons BELONG because:
  • You have value
  • You are supported
  • You are connected
Falcons INSPIRE because:
  • We ignite curiosity
  • We pursue our passions
  • We live with purpose
Falcons GROW because:
  • We embrace challenges
  • We give our best
  • We persevere