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Spring - Tennis


Tennis is a lifelong sport that allows our student-athletes the opportunity to develop character and the competitive spirit. Tennis is a no-cut sport that provides all students, who want to participate, an opportunity to compete and play at their skill level. Our tennis programs will consist of a Varsity, Junior Varsity and C-team, depending on the number of students who play, therefore providing many opportunities for our Ridgeline students. Tryouts will take place for varsity and JV team placements. Athletes will need to provide their own racquet, appropriate clothing, and footwear.   

The 2024 season begins Feb. 26th.  Meetings and practices continue through early to middle May. 

First day of practice

Girls will meet in Mr Tarmann's classroom B103 at 2:30pm.

Boys will meet in Mr. Rehkow's classroom H107 at 2:30pm.




Boys Head Coach 

Freddie Rehkow 

509-558-3870 [email protected] 


Girls Head Coach 

Russ Tarmann  

509-558-3825 [email protected]

remind: grhst4all


If you are interested in purchasing RHS tennis apparel there will be an online store opening soon.  Items in the online store are not the RHS issued tennis uniform but optional for anyone who would like to purchase.