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Principal's Page

Welcome to Ridgeline High School, the home of the Falcons! 


As of summer 2020, we are less than a year away from beginning to move in. It’s my pleasure to welcome all of our new incoming students and families! Information will continue to be sent out to families and I welcome any direct correspondence via my email: jhardt@cvsd.org or by phone 558-5438.


Our mission is simple and clear—Belong. Inspire. Grow. 

Our core planning team, made up of 15 teachers and administrators, spent many hours exploring all the aspects of culture, learning and teaching, and becoming a good citizen that our community values. Through that process we have identified key elements of academic expectations, social and emotional support, and developing a climate that promotes the values derived from our mission. 


A lot more work has to be done over the next 12 months to prepare to give our students a full high school experience from the first day they walk into the building. Look over our website for further information and updates every month, including cool links to follow construction of the building. 


Our staff is thankful to be part of such a supportive community that realizes how much our students will benefit from high schools that are at the capacity they were built for.  Opportunities for many more students will be evident. Stay tuned!