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Principal's Page

Welcome to Ridgeline High School, the home of the Falcons! 


Ridgeline was established as the first new high school in the region in over twenty years when we opened in fall of 2021.  Our school is built around our Mission:  Belong.  Inspire.  Grow.  Three simple words that staff, students, and families live by within our school community.  Don’t underestimate the ‘simplicity’ of our mission.  We recognized and learned very early on that everyone, every person, can truly connect to their high school in a meaningful way.  The “Way” looks different for every student, but the key is to find the way to inspire them, and once they feel that inspiration they develop a connection that matters to them. 


High School Matters because it is the final stepping stone to a young person’s life post-graduation.  As they grow within our walls our job is to help them identify a path that will lead them to a place of success and security.  The skills we teach them are more than academic, we teach the “soft skills” of successful people to empower our students to be able to adapt during their first few years after high school.  Even with a graduation plan, life can sometimes throw you a curveball, and your mindset makes all the difference in how you respond when you need to change course.  That’s what education truly means to me.  Yes, we are expert in the content and academic “hard skills”.  At the same time, we have been learning from employers how many of the “hard skills” for their industry are best taught on the job, so what they are looking for are people with work ethic, creativity, perseverance, positive attitude, willingness to learn new things, and healthy relationships with others.  I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. 


If you’re reading this because you’re relocating to the area and looking for a community and school system where your child will thrive, you’ve come to the right place.  Learn more about us by perusing the web page, particularly the archive of our Falcon Flyer Newsletter.  The Flyer will give you a good look into what we’re about and what we have to offer. 

GO FALCONS!  --Mr. Hardt