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Link Crew

Link Crew is a leadership program offered in high schools in the United States and Internationally. The program allows the schools to choose upper-classmen to be linked with the incoming freshman at orientation and throughout the year. The Link Leaders help the freshman get involved by informing them about how to be successful in high school classes and also about the activities they can get involved in at school and in their local communities.

What does a Falcon Link Crew Leader do?

Falcon Link Crew Leaders are trained to work with the incoming freshman class and other new students who are entering our school in the fall and throughout the year. After extensive training, the Falcon Link Leaders will run freshman orientation before school starts. At the orientation, each Falcon Link Leader will be given a small group of freshmen to work with for the day and will be asked to support her/his group during the first week of school and with any challenges they may face throughout the year. Periodically during the school year, Falcon Link Leaders will meet again with freshmen student groups to touch base, discuss problems, and enjoy social activities. We know that the more contact the freshmen have with their Falcon Link Crew Leaders the more successful the freshmen will be.

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