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Register for Classes

step 1
Review Website Directions
step 2
Join Google Classroom
  • Class of 2023:  ushoq73
  • Class of 2024:  sbgidjp
  • Class of 2025:  jb6oetg
  • Class of 2026:  zznvpxj
step 3
Use Course Catalog
  • Use the Course Catalog to choose your classes
  • The Course Catalog can be found HERE
step 4
Submit Requests in Powerschool
  • Log into your student Powerschool account
  • Submit your course requests under "Class Registration"
  • Requests represent your interests, but we may not be able to offer them next year
step 5
Submit Google Form
  • Go back to your Google Classroom
  • Submit the Google Form for Course Requests
  • Your requests must be submitted in Powerschool before completing this form
8th Grade Parent Registration Preview
8th Grade Student Register For Classes
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