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RHS Counselors 2025
Welcome to Ridgeline High School Student Services!
The RHS Student Services Program supports the overall mission to Belong, Inspire, and Grow.  We do this by helping ALL students grow in their academic, career/vocational, and social-emotional development. Our primary mission is to empower all students to make informed and intentional decisions regarding their education, their health, and their future.
Our program is based on the standards set forth by the state of Washington and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, and endorsed by the Washington School Counselor Association.
Records Requests
Please direct all records requests to our registrar:


College and Military Visit Requests

Please direct all requests to our Career & College Counselor:



Communication is incredibly important at Ridgeline High School.  Below are the multiple ways we communicate with students and families:
  • Parents:  parent emails, social media (@falconsrhs)
  • Students:  social media (@falconsrhs), Google Classroom
UX-Case Study | Google Classroom. Redesigning UI/UX of a widely used LMS… |  by Rujuta Mehta | UX Diaries | Medium
Google Classroom Class Codes:
Class of 2025:  jb6oetg
Class of 2026:  zznvpxj
Class of 2027:  qpvzojt
Class of 2028:  2qk6pkt